Time Goes On

Once I stepped back and looked at my life in its current trajectory, I did the only thing any mature, sane individual would do: I ran the HELL away. I mean, I charged out of there like an intelligent person at a Trump rally. It was a rapid decision that I made on, more or less, a whim. I wanted to travel the world prior to settling in America, and I didn’t want that trip to be any kind of short. So, after a bit of searching, I realized that I could simply go teach in a foreign country for a full year.

Naturally, I ended up deciding on South Korea. It’s got the biggest market, pays the most, and the requirements for the job are, “Have a degree in anything, look not-Asian.” This left just one simple task left on my list of things to do before leaving. I had to tell every person in my life, including my fiancee, that I’ll be gone for the next year. Needless to say, everyone took it well. She left me, but wished me luck; my parents were actually pretty upbeat about the whole thing...after they lectured me for a full month. That didn’t stop me, though. So, off to Korea I went.


Now, for all those keeping track at home, none of this is helping my dream. I was heading in the wrong direction, and instead of turning around, I just kind of turned west and stepped on the gas. There I was, teaching in Korea, studying Korean, playing games and enjoying life. What a lovely band-aid I’ve used! Perfect for temporary relief from life’s bigger problems. After four years of living the dream, reality slowly started seeping back in.

That’s the short version of my backstory. Now we move to the current situation. I’ve still got the dream of working in games, and that’s what I plan to pursue. Honestly, I still hope to get into game PR, even though it has a pretty terrible reputation as a job. I’ve recently signed a contract to stay in Korea for just six more months before I move back to the States. I’ve got a Korean girlfriend of 9 months, and she’s absolutely fantastic. However, that puts one more degree of complexity into my choices, but I’ve still got to move forward. I’m using these six months to prepare my portfolio and potentially grow in the market so that I have some form of a credible resume when I apply for jobs back home. That’s where this blog comes in!


As for my plans with this whole thing, I’ve decided to separate that into a different post. I appreciate you reading through this lengthy story, and I hope you’ll stick around for my thoughts on games and stuff!

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