The Greatest Card in Hearthstone Right Now is a 1/1

It’s day 1 of the SeatStory Cup IV, and it’s become readily apparent where the new Hearthstone meta lies. It lies with this guy:

That card more or less sums up everything you need to know about new decks. I haven’t seen this much aggression since Ferdinand II decided to teach Protestants a lesson in 1478, in a slightly controversial move known as the Spanish Inquisition. I’m pretty sure that 10 mana is just a myth told to people who still think Freeze Mage is a thing, since we certainly haven’t gotten to that point here.


Tempo is the name of the game, and Pirate decks reign supreme. Patches may not look like much to the untrained eye, yet he offers more stability and value than practically any card in the rotation right now. His legendary status lies in the fact that he comes out of your deck any time you lay down a pirate. This is basically a 1/1 stat boost on your pirate while also increasing probability that you draw the cards you need for the rest of the game. So long as he’s not in your starting hand, you can toss down 4 potential damage in your first move. Patches created the meta is what I’m saying.

If you’re looking to create a pirate deck to compete with the best, then you’re in luck! There are a few variations coming from Rogue, Shaman, and Warrior decks, since the pirates mostly synergize with weapons. However, it should be noted that most of the top decks use a combination of pirates and one other mechanic. For instance, Hafu is running a Pirate-Dragon Warrior deck, while Torik sports an Auctioneer-Pirate Rogue deck. Regardless of build, though, the crux of the deck remains the same: blast your opponent in rapid fashion, and hope that there’s no Reno in the wings.

For some deckbuilding resources, you can go check out the regular sites: Metabomb, Icy Veins, and of course Hearthpwn. The SeatStory Cup is just starting out today, so you should go check out TakeTV’s channel on Twitch.


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