In The Beginning Pt. 1

Life. I guess that’s where I’ll choose to start. This post is all about life and what has led me to this point. It’s a helluva trip, but all of my thoughts and ideas should probably be given this bit of context before I try to change the world with my keyboard. Now, to be fair, I would say my life is terribly entertaining, or original, or insane. On the contrary, I’d argue that it could be anyone’s life, especially given the fact that people reading this are perhaps of a like mind. For most, this whole post can be skipped over, and I’ll be perfectly fine. For those who are just dedicated to reading this stuff, let’s get started.

College: the place where at least one person’s dreams may have come true, maybe. That person was actually not me, which was a real shame. I went in with almost no idea of what I wanted to do in the years to come. Honestly, my life was supposed to be set in stone. My father owns a relatively prosperous business, my older brother was already the vice president, and I was supposed to go in and work with him to keep it running until the world ended. My mother was the person to really choose my field of study: Corporate Communications.


“Brian, what in the hell is that?!” I hear many of you asking me right now. Well, good question, anonymous reader! Corporate Communications is essentially a combination of Business and Communications, which creates either a Marketing focus or a PR focus. It’s basically the job system (HA!) from Final Fantasy 14. If you do more business, you go marketing. If you do more communications, you go PR. I chose the latter route. In retrospect, that was probably the wrong choice, but that’s unimportant here. We gotta keep this story rolling. So, college was cool, and I’d spend all my summers and winters working for the family business as a kind of grooming process.

However, I quickly realized that I hated everything about it. I hated my lack of freedom; I hated the field of work; I hated the people with whom I had to work. There were few redeeming qualities, and I was suddenly feeling the pressure of the “American Dream” setting in. See, I was engaged soon after graduating college with the exact wrong person. So, I had life set up in that perfectly typical American style: just out of college, found a wife, moving into a house in my hometown, taking over the family business. Nothing about this felt like my actual dream. All I wanted in life was to break into the game industry, yet I wasn’t even attempting to pursue it. A change clearly had to be mad, but so many people were relying on me to settle down. So what could I do?


This is more than I was expecting to write. In the future I will probably need to tame my brain a bit to shorten my works. For now, though, let’s leave this here and pick it up in the morrow.

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