FWF: Life, Explained

So there you have it, folks. Exactly what can happen to your ambitions when life suddenly hits you. This post is approximately a month late, and I can only feel sorrow for the extended delay that this has taken. It’s been an eventful month, to be certain, but I don’t feel like that’s a good enough excuse to postpone my dreams in such a manner. In fact, I think there is no good reason for this kind of procrastination. I messed up, and now I’m getting back on the horse. However, I will first explain what’s been happening to said horse since I previously began.

Over the course of March, quite a few things have occurred. I began my new job at a different school in a different location than my previous three. Change is good from time to time, and I thought I was readily prepared for this change. That was the wrong presumption. So, basically, I moved from a suburban, growing area outside of Seoul, named Bundang, into a pretty important area in Seoul known as Jamsil. My roots were planted in Bundang since I arrived in Korea, so this was a pretty tough decision. Truth be told, I did it to get closer to my girlfriend, and that has worked pretty damn well, actually. Otherwise, I took a job that I wouldn’t normally agree to, and that has really bitten back.


My new job isn’t a simple one. The amount of paperwork is abhorrent, and I had absolutely no training going into it. They just expected me to pick up the systems as I went, but that’s obviously led to great amounts of stress for me. As each day passed, I was tasked with meeting more deadlines, creating more reports, and putting together more monthly plans. I drained me in such a way that I would both come to work early and stay late so that I could sort out the mess. That wasn’t enough, so there has been many a night where I’d bring home my necessary materials and work there. It was a system I’ve never experienced in my life, and it’s taught me two things. One, sticky notes will change the life of a forgetful person. And two, you should work first and play later.

I’m in a terrible job compared to my others, but at the same time I feel like this is the first time where I’m learning to produce as often as I can. It’s been teaching me how to keep my ducks in line and stay on top of my deadlines. It’s not that I’ve failed in meeting deadlines in the past, but I’ve always met those in the waning hours before they’re due. Here, that’s not possible, so I feel like I’m really experiencing personal growth. Would I choose to work here for a long time? No, because I feel the system is archaic, but I’m also thankful for the opportunity in these six months.


HOWEVER, this obviously leads to the fact that I’ve been putting off my blog because I’ve been dealing with my new job. That’s not a legitimate excuse. So, now I’m back to writing, and I plan on doing a lot of it (again). It’s time to talk about games, and talk I will. I’ve got plenty on my mind, so I’m ready to throw a bunch of it into this blog. This will be the first step. Let’s hope I’m stable enough to keep walking.

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