Blog Plans, HOOO!

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So, now that the backstory is completed, let’s look forward. I’ve got a lot of big plans, but we will see how well it’ll turn out.


So, first off, let’s toss out a schedule. Schedules=productivity, i assume. If you have a schedule, you are obviously churning out greatness on a daily basis. I’m not a full-time writer, though, so I won’t be at it every night. In fact, I’m hoping for three to four posts a week. The week will be as follows:

Monday- Anime Monday
I’ma be honest. I don’t always watch anime, I’m not an otaku, and I certainly don’t know more than you, so please be gentle. However, if I am into an anime at the time, I’ll take my Mondays to write about my thoughts and opinions on whichever show has sparked my fancy, be it old or new. And really, this may boil down to Japanese talk as a whole because that country fascinates me to no end.


Tuesday- Too Late Tuesday
This is a Brian necessity. If I’ve missed an article in the last week or feel like I didn’t elaborate enough on something, Tuesdays are when I’ll make that up. As stated, writing isn’t the focus of my life, so there may be times when I have needs to pass over my schedule for the sake of my job or girlfriend. Life happens. Too Late Tuesday will be there for me.

Wednesday-What I’m Playing Wednesday
Gaming is generally my life. I play a wide variety of games, some more than others. This day is when I’ll take the time to sit and write out my feelings or thoughts on those games. If I have any recommendations, this is where they’ll go down. If all goes as planned, these articles are sure to be my longest works.


Thursday- Nope Thursdays
Nope. Nothing. Don’t worry about Thursday. This is Empty Thursdays.

Friday- Free writing Friday
I’ll use Fridays to talk about whatever may be on my mind. They could be literally anything I feel like. Hence the term “free writing.” This is where I’ll talk about politics, South Korea, life’s worries, or how great I am! More than likely, these pieces won’t be advertised very much, so you’ll have to dig to find them. I don’t want giant arguments to spawn from my writing, but I want a day to express my actual brain. Friday will be that day.


Saturday and Sunday- The Weekend Review
I ran out of cute names....
Either way, the weekend will be used to practice my writing reviews. Any game writer worth his or her salt knows how to write a solid, comprehensive review. That’s a skill have yet to possess, so I want to give it my best shot when I have the most free time. However, don’t depend on me to give you up-to-date, new game reviews. I’m not loaded with money, so I generally wait for sales to go up before spending. Steam Sales and Humble Bundle have funded my gaming addiction for YEARS, and they will continue to do so. That means my reviews will probably be pretty old games, but I gotta start somewhere!

So there it is! My entire weekly schedule laid out so that I have no excuse to procrastinate or anything. I’m quite new at all this, so any comments and interactions are warmly welcomed, and I hope to learn from the better writers that may read my works. That’ll be all for this week, though, as I am losing internet on Friday, and I must switch houses over the weekend. I’ll be starting up my weekly schedule on good ol’ Monday! See you soon.

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